Impact Gel/Ca Sternum Relief Girths

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Is your horse girthy or just sore? Want more freedom of movement? Our sternum relief girth will help alleviate all these conditions. 

This unique design has 3" wide English elastic against the horse’s skin to prevent rubbing and two 1 1/2" crossed elastic over the top. Not having the elastic next to the buckle prevents over tightening of the girth, ensuring your horse is able to breath and flex and keeping the saddle secure. 

Made from high quality, soft leather and is padded for extra comfort and to help prevent rubbing. 

It has cross-elastic inserts for even pressure distribution over a wide area, and is shaped for to allow free movement of the horse's elbows and shoulders. 

We have added our infamous Impact Gel to the sternum area of this girth to reduce pressure off this very sensitive area, therefore freeing up the shoulders, creating larger movement.


  • Made from high quality leather with the elastic split halfway down to even out the pressure points. 
  • Impact Gel on the sternum area.
  • Cross-elastic inserts for even pressure distribution over a wide area.
  • Anatomical shape for perfect fit, even on forward girthed horses.
  • Stainless steel buckles.
  • English girth elastic more minimal stretching. 

What is Impact Gel? 

  • Antimicrobial - Impact Gel’s surface is in-hospitable to the growth of bacteria and fungi. Testing has indicated a 100% inhibition to both types of microbes.
  • Available in 48",50",52",54",56" and 58"