Impact Gel Set Back Build-Up Pad

Impact Gel
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This pad is especially designed to free up the horse's shoulders and for well developed horses with larger shoulders.

It sits perfectly behind the shoulders to allow the saddle tree bars to have a smoother fit from the front to the back of the saddle.


Impact Gel offers critical protection moving shock, weight and heat laterally throughout the gel. It is polymerized into one long, loosely cross-linked, flexible molecule that is folded back on it self many times. These sections can easily slide past each other but still remain connected thereby absorbing and dissipating unprecedented amounts of kinetic energy.

It's a natural based green product derived from soy and other natural oils, and the manufacturing process requires no application of temperature or pressure change.

All natural “green” sustainable and environmentally safe products.

Impact Gel’s patents cover a wide range of mixtures that result in the ability to tailor the product’s physical properties to match requirements.

Available in black only.

Length 3/4” x 32”

All Build Up and Tacky Tack Pads being returned will be charged 10% restocking fee.