Gone with the Wind West Wind

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The West Wind Woven is a vibrant combination of aqua blues, a deep red, and subtle orange. This combination is complete with black and white details on a deep mustard background.


  • Each pad contains the Impact Gel Base Layer System
  • 100% New Zealand Wool Top
  • Handcrafted and sewn in the USA
  • Heavy duty wear leathers ensure years of durability
  • Flexibility and even pressure point distribution


Impact Gel Technology offers critical protection moving shock, weight and heat laterally throughout the gel. This creates an unprecedented energy absorbing fit resulting in a high performance, non-slip, non-rollover protection for you and your horse. The high impact reduction system minimizes inconsistencies in the fit of your equipment, resulting in better contact between the saddle and the horse’s spine.


Size: 36" Wide" x 34" Long. W= Shoulder to shoulder L= down spine.


Contour Cut-Felt Bottom Thickness: 3/5" 


Straight Cut-Fleece Bottom Thickness: 9/10"


 Weight: 9.4 pounds



Impact Gel offers critical protection moving shock, weight and heat laterally throughout the gel.

A natural based green product derived from soy and other natural oils. The manufacturing process requires no application of temperature or pressure change.

Impact Gel is polymerized into one long, loosely cross-linked, flexible molecule that is folded back on it self many times. These sections can easily slide past each other but still remain connected thereby absorbing and dissipating unprecedented amounts of kinetic energy.

All natural “green” sustainable and environmentally safe products.

Impact Gel’s patents cover a wide range of mixtures that result in the ability to tailor the product’s physical properties to match requirements.