Impact Gel Poll Relief Anatomical Flash Bridle

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Our anatomical flash bridle has Impact Gel stitched into the headpiece and noseband for pressure relief of this delicate area. Hand made from quality high grain leather with a contoured headpiece that sits comfortably behind the horse's ears. 

The flash attachment fully detaches leaving a smooth area on the horse's nose, reducing any pressure or discomfort.  

Comes with grippy reins.


  • Stainless steel buckles.
  • Comes with grippy rubber reins.
  • High quality leather.
  • Fully detachable flash noseband.

Colour: Dark Havana.

Sizes: Full or Cob. 

What is Impact Gel?  

  • Antimicrobial - Impact Gel’s surface is in-hospitable to the growth of bacteria and fungi. Testing has indicated a 100% inhibition to both types of microbes. 
  • Temperature resistant - Impact Gel disperses heat energy horizontally through the gel up to temperatures of 250F, higher than the boiling temperature of water. Likewise, in temperatures as low as -40F, Impact Gel retains its energy absorbing properties. 
  • Shock absorbing - Impact Gel exhibits incredible shock absorption properties because of how energy is transferred and dissipated through the molecular structure of the gel. Energy flows horizontally through the gel away from the impact location, similar to ripples on the surface of a pond.  

Impact Gel’s ongoing research, combined with vigorous testing by the equine industry’s leading riders has resulted in the development of a comprehensive product line that delivers unmatched performance and comfort to both the horse and rider. 

We are also unequaled in dissipating energy that is transferred onto the horse, therefore the animal stays fresher longer and performs better. 

At Impact Gel we believe that what we do makes a difference every day.